Mahamid Ali to Tom

Hook-with-Warsash CE Academy                                                                                                                        Church Road

Warsash                                                                                                                                         Southampton                                      

                                                                                              SO31 9GF

Dear Tom


My name is mahamid and I am ten years old. I live in Lee-on-the-Solent. At school we are studying inspirational people and as soon as my teacher told us that we were going to be doing this, your name popped into my head. You have inspired me to work as hard as I can, whenever I can.

I first noticed you on TV when I was on holiday in Devon. I was amazed by you and thought I had to do something about it so I joined the Quays in Southampton (I think you know where it is?). I’ve been diving for a few years now and I love it - my favourite bit is when you’re in mid-air, flying. Trampolining has really helped me with multiple different flips and you’ve been the one making me push myself to do them.

The reason you have inspired me so much is because you went to the Olympics at such a young age and you trained so hard, even though you know in diving you’ll have a short career. That has motivated me to not sit at home after school and watch TV but go on the trampoline or stay fit/strong in any way. You have done this to many other people I know.

You have had a huge impact on my life as you have made me say yes to pretty much everything, even though one time I fell off the three-meter platform (that wasn’t my best time). You also made me meet new friends - I reckon you would like them as we always support you and talk about you.

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter and whilst I fully appreciate you are busy, would it be possible for a signed picture please? I have included a stamped addressed envelope for you.


I wish you all the best in your upcoming events,


Yours sincerely,


Mahamid Ali